Angel Card Readings – FAQ


What is an angel card reading?
Using a deck of angel cards, a number of these cards are laid out in a designated spread to address the past, present, and future outcome of a particular situation.

Along with the angel cards, I may use other oracle card decks. A number of these cards may be mixed into the designated spread to provide additional information concerning the past, present, and future outcome of a particular situation.

What is a spread?
Before a reading is performed, the cards are shuffled many times. Once the cards are adequately mixed I will position the cards on the reading table in a specific pattern called a spread. Each position in the spread has a meaning which I will read and address for you. There are many different types of spreads, ranging from those that incorporate a single card to spreads that include many cards. The spread I decide to use for you will depend on your area of focus. But most times I will use several decks in a spread to give you the most well rounded and informative reading possible.

What are angel cards?
Angel card decks typically have 44 cards that offer inspiring guidance. Each card is illustrated with an angel and usually has a printed word or complete message on the card. I have multiple decks. No matter which decks I use, the reading is performed by observing the image or message on each card and then using my psychic abilities to find the deeper meaning behind what the cards are trying to convey to you.

Why am I supposed to acknowledge information with only a “yes” or “no”?
Acknowledging the conveyed information with a simple “yes” or “no” allows me to fine tune the reading. When I know that you understand, I will continue to deliver messages. If you do not understand, I will try to provide further clarification so that you may understand what is being conveyed.

Can I tell you about my situation before the reading?
I will ask you if you have a particular focus you would like to concentrate on before starting the reading. But I also ask that you refrain from sharing any personal information until after we have closed the session. This is to ensure you are not left wondering whether you’ve experienced a true card reading.

Can I ask questions during an angel card reading session?
Absolutely, you may ask questions at any time. An angel card reading will generally address the questions you’ve been struggling with and I do my best to provide you answers in the form of guidance or possible solutions. I will also ask if you have any unanswered questions before the reading closes. With this method there usually are few, if any, questions left unanswered at the end of a session.

Are angel card readings safe?
As a professional angel card reader I always have full control over a session. My angel card readings are completely one hundred percent safe.

What are some benefits of having an angel card reading?
An angel card reading can provide guidance and direction with your life purpose, career, finances, and relationships while identifying obstacles that may be standing in your way. Methods to remove theses obstacles are also provided.

I am skeptical of an angel card reading. Will it still work?
The cards will provide information regardless of your personal beliefs. I just ask that your healthy skepticism is accompanied by an open mind. The session will run smoothly as long as you are willing to receive the messages and are open to acknowledging the information you understand.

What forms of payment do you accept for angel card readings?
Cash, Visa, MasterCard or American Express are all acceptable forms of payment.