NOTICE: Effective April 28, 2021

This past week has been another roller coaster ride of hopes and fears. Businesses are closing one day only to re-open the next.

In light of the increasing numbers and rapid spread of covid related infections people are expressing an uncomfortableness about being out in the world right now while others are eager to push forward. Some clients have canceled upcoming appointments, others want to attend but cannot due to living in a presently restricted zone, and because massage therapy is still not regulated in Nova Scotia there is ambiguity about what is considered an essential service.

Unfortunately these factors are creating confusion and frustration for many people, myself included. As a self-employed small business owner it’s difficult to know what to do in these challenging times. If I close the Centre people will be disappointed, clients in pain will continue to suffer, I will lose necessary income required to keep the Centre running, and more business and personal debt will be created. Honestly, I am torn between my conflicting thoughts and feelings right now.

Having said that I’m going to follow my old adage of “your heart and your mind may lead you astray but your gut never will.” Over the past fifty years I’ve learned to trust my intuition and it has never let me down.

So, it has not been an easy decision to make but the SMART Healing Centre will be closed for the next two weeks. Any scheduled appointments will be canceled and notices will be sent out today. My apologies to everyone for the short notice but as you know things are changing every day. I will re-evaluate opening the SMART Healing Centre at the end of the proposed “two week reset” and do my best to reschedule all canceled appointments once there is a clear directive.

In the meantime, let’s do our part in getting this surge of reported cases under control by staying home and staying safe.

Thank you in advance for your understanding everyone.

Brad Surette, RMT
RAPID Neurofascial Reset Specialist
SMART Healing Centre

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