I truly appreciate all the positive feedback, the referrals, the support and the loyalty from so many amazing clients. You make following my path easy, enjoyable, rewarding, and so fulfilling.

Besides the Facebook draws for FREE sessions and incredible prizes, I have implemented a Client Loyalty Appreciation Network.

After having a session with me you will receive three CLAN cards that you may gift to family members, friends, or to anyone whom you’d like to brighten their day. The CLAN card contains a beautiful inscription of bright wishes and also entitles the recipient of the card to $10 off any SMART service.

For every new client you refer, who subsequently books a SMART session with me, you will be entitled to $10 off your next SMART service too! These rewards are bankable and may be redeemed at a later time.

Thanks again for your loyalty and support. – Melanie Brady, Holistic Healing Practitioner