Reiki Level III


Third Degree Reiki is usually for those practitioners whom wish to move forward in preparation for becoming a Reiki Master. With Reiki Level III Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART) are learned to increase your ability to transmit and work with Reiki.

Reiki Level III empowers you with two very powerful and sacred Tibetan symbols. Specific meditations are practiced and learned that will call forth your Reiki Master guide. The more you practice the art of Reiki Level III the faster and clearer your own personal growth and healing occurs. A Third Degree Reiki Practitioner may charge fees for performing Reiki treatment services.

Aside from assisting others in their healing process another great thing about being a Reiki Practitioner is that every time you are giving a treatment, you are also receiving a treatment. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely love passing along the gift of giving and receiving Reiki.

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher Brad Surette would be honored to teach you the art of Reiki Level III. This one day workshop is $345 (HST included) and provides you with a Reiki Level III user manual, a Reiki Level III attunement, and a Reiki Level III certificate of completion.

The attunement process is an amazing experience and one I’m sure you will enjoy.

Class size is limited to six students. A $50 deposit is required to secure a seat in this workshop.

For more details, or to register, please contact Brad.

Next Scheduled Workshop: TBA
Location: SMART Healing Centre, 4120 King Street, Highway 1, Garlands Crossing (Windsor) NS